Increase your revenue and customers’ satisfaction with Paradise Foods

Let us take care of your clients’provisioning for you, making it seamless and stress-free.

Make provisioning easy

Paradise Foods is your provisioning partner across the Caribbean

Paradise Foods is your trusted partner for provisioning solutions in the Caribbean.

We understand the unique needs of brokers and charter companies. We offer a specialized provisioning service designed to make your clients’ sailing experience unforgettable.

Partnering with us means you can trust a dedicated team to handle provisioning, ensuring your clients have everything they need on board.

We know that boats chartering could be challenging…

  • ⚠️Lack of control over charter customer service

    Brokers cannot directly control the quality of customer service provided by charter companies, potentially leading to discrepancies between client expectations and actual experiences.

  • ⚠️Real-time provisioning challenges

    brokers are often out of the loop regarding the immediate challenges of provisioning for charters, such as availability and quality of supplies, impacting their ability to manage client expectations effectively.

  • ⚠️High provisioning costs impacting charter value

    High fees associated with provisioning services can inflate the overall cost of charter experiences, making it more challenging for brokers to offer competitive and appealing packages to potential clients.

  • ⚠️Client time wasted on provisioning

    Broker companies are concerned that their clients might spend valuable vacation time dealing with provisioning details, detracting from the seamless and enjoyable charter experience they promise

  • ⚠️Limited products availability

    Dealing with restricted access to high-quality provisions forces compromises, affecting service quality.

  • ⚠️Unreliable deliveries

    Facing last-minute provisioning cancellations puts you in a difficult spot, risking guest experiences.

…but we have solutions for these challenges!

  • ✅️Easy provisioning management

    Place an order once you have a client, and we’ll handle everything else—from order collection to delivery and onboard placement.

  • ✅️Elimination of unnecessary costs

    We check for unopened products on the boat during delivery, ensuring you only pay for what’s truly used, reducing waste and saving money.

  • ✅️Delivering kindness and client satisfaction

    We focus on both groceries and customer satisfaction, ensuring your clients’ delight.

  • ✅️Our reliable delivery service

    We’re always prepared to fulfill your needs promptly, thanks to our up-to-date stock, mobile app, and advanced warehouse management system.

  • ✅️Access to wide range of high-quality products

    We have fully stocked warehouses, not limited by retail availability. We ensure you get what you need, when you need it, without compromise.

  • ✅️Transparent and reasonable pricing

    Our app prices are based on supermarket rates, with no hidden fees. Clients pay only for the products plus a minimal delivery fee.

Our provisioning services are available in Guadeloupe, Martinique, The Grenadines (Canouan, Bequia) and soon also in Grenada!


Marina Bas-du-Fort

Îlets Pigeon / Malendure

Le Gosier


Basse-Terre / Marina de Rivière-Sens


Le Marin


Les Anses-d’Arlet

Anse à l’Âne

Anse Mitan / Pointe du Bout


Grande Anse

Fort-de-France (upon request)

St. Pierre (upon request)

The Grenadines



Grenada (Coming Soon)

Le Phare Bleu

How it works

#1 Download the app

#2 Choose the location,

where provisioning should be delivered

#3 Add products

to the cart

#4 Conveniently pay

with mobile solutions

#5 Enjoy provisioning

delivered to your customer’s boat

No more outdated lists in Excel! Stock levels in our application are constantly updated with the warehouse, so the list of products, their availability and prices are ALWAYS up to date.

Just a few clicks are enough to solve the issue of provisioning!

Anything your clients need for their unforgettable cruise…

…to make them happy!

Partnering with us means you can trust a dedicated team to handle provisioning, ensuring your clients have everything they need on board.

We believe that the little things can make
a big difference.

Whether it’s a special request for a unique meal (e.g. kosher) or a surprise delivery,
we’re here to make their experience unforgettable.

For example, if we learn that someone from your client’s group has a birthday during the cruise, we can arrange for a special birthday cake to be delivered to the boat, adding a touch of celebration to their voyage.

Provisioning deliveries – right to the boat

We understand the essence of convenience and efficiency for broker companies and their clients. That’s why we take pride in offering direct-to-boat provisioning services, ensuring that supplies are not only delivered, but are also meticulously placed and stored onboard.

Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to guarantee that every item from your provisioning list is properly organized, allowing your customers to set sail with confidence and ease. With us, rest assured that your clients essentials will be waiting for them, exactly where and when they need them.

We’ve got storage covered.

Our team ensures fresh produce and drinks are safely stored in your boat’s fridge. If space runs out, we manage returns and refunds.

Direct from our own warehouses: unbeatable prices and unmatched selection.

Paradise Foods own warehouses on each island we serve, so that’s why we’re able to offer competitive, supermarket prices alongside a vast range of products and assortments. Our commitment to efficiency means our stock levels are meticulously maintained, ensuring that every item listed in our app for order is readily available in our warehouses. This strategic setup allows us to deliver freshness and quality directly to you, without a hitch.


What is Paradise Foods, and how can it benefit our company?

Paradise Foods is an online grocery store and provisioning service specializing in serving brokers and charter companies and their clients. By partnering with us, you can streamline provisioning for your clients, ensuring they have everything they need for a memorable sailing experience.

What happens if there’s not enough storage space on the boat for provisions?

We’ve got storage covered. Our team ensures that fresh produce and drinks are safely stored in your boat’s fridge. If storage space runs out, we manage returns and refunds for any excess provisions.

How does the provisioning process work for broker companies?

The provisioning process is simple. Your clients can place orders through our user-friendly mobile app. They can choose from scheduled deliveries, same-day deliveries, or even overnight provisioning to meet your clients’ needs.

How can we get in touch with your customer support team for special requests or inquiries?

Our customer service team is here to assist you. We speak multiple languages, including French, English, German, and Polish. You can contact us anytime at [email protected] or reach us via WhatsApp at +596 696 76 88 66.

What geographical areas do you serve?

Paradise Foods currently serves numerous bays across Martinique, Guadeloupe, the Grenadines, and soon Grenada. We’re continuously expanding to ensure we can provision you and your clients throughout your entire journey. Our goal is to expand, ensuring smooth provisioning across the whole Caribbean.

Do you offer any additional resources or support for companies?

Yes, we provide additional resources and support tailored to the needs of brokers and charter companies. From personalized provisioning to assistance with special requests, we’re here to enhance your clients’ experience.

How can our company partner with Paradise Foods?

Partnering with Paradise Foods is easy. You can reach out to our partnerships team at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can collaborate to benefit your clients.

Can we create customized provisioning solutions for our clients?

Absolutely! We understand that each charter is unique. Our flexible service allows you to create personalized provisioning solutions based on your clients’ preferences and requirements.

Ready to delegate your provisioning challenges to Paradise Foods?

Get in touch with our charter partnerships team! You can reach us via email at [email protected]. Let’s discuss how we can enhance your services and help you deliver kindness and unforgettable experiences to your clients.